Jennifer Senior- For parents, happiness is a very high bar

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Parents should understand the child, calm to understand the child.
用户8109222 发表于 2020/2/21 15:14:46
Education is very important. Parents'education of their children reflects the parents'three views and also affects the children's follow-up life. Good education can make families happier.
Melanie 发表于 2020/2/21 14:50:19
Parents should not impose their ideas on their children
用户8107256 发表于 2020/2/21 14:37:50
parents should try to realize their children,and get together with their children。
用户8103342 发表于 2020/2/21 13:28:37
Sorry!Although I try my best to listen, I can't get the most exact meaning about it. All parents want their children be happy! I believe it.
用户8100690 发表于 2020/2/21 12:33:20
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